August 13, 2004


For being someone for whom change (Whether it be a hair colour, hairstyle, or men;) is a middle name (Along with all of the other adjectives applied to me, laudatory and derogatory), I dislike major changes, such as the one I am about to make. I like the comfortable, the known. For all that I am adventurous, I like certain things to never change. Now a major thing, my job, is about to change, and I have to admit, I am scared. Will I be horrid at this new job, will I be able to learn it fast enough? Will I just totally suck!? Will I even fit in? These are people that I have known for the most part for over 2 years, but still, most of them I have never worked with before. But, I have reassurance that there will be someone there, someone looking over me and helping me along. And I always know that there are certain people in my life, though while not here, will be there for me to reassure me.
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