August 31, 2004

Interesting Correlations

I was at the top of a fairly high hill today, looking down over the city and the outlying countryside today, and I was struck by how beautiful it really seems. But as I walked down the hill, I again saw what we see on a daily basis, the destruction, the dirt, and the misery in which we live our daily lives. It also seems to be that way in the hierarchy of life. Those that are above seem only to see the beauty, whereas those of us on the bottom see things as they truly are. Do those higher up forget from whence they came? Or do they choose to block it from mind? It reminds me of a anecdote I once saw about how stupid things become reality. It starts on the lower level, with the lowest saying it is shit, and continues up the chain, with each retelling though it gains a little more dignity, so by the time it reaches the top, it seems to be the best thing in the world. So they make it policy. It was amusing but oh so true in this life.
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