August 17, 2004

Last day, dissapointments, and silliness

Well, last night I spent in a meeting with the other NCO's of what is soon to be my old company. The complete foolishness that takes place is unreal somedays. Last nights meeting centered on area beautification. Excuse me, but last time I checked we WERE in a combat zone. Granted, we do NOT need to live in a trash heap, but this extreme is a wee ridiculous.
We also had an announcment about wine, and it's presence in our area. Our Chaplains Assistant had recieved a box of wine for religious purposes only, and there were originally 4 bottles, but now they are down to 1. There was much laughter and joking about praising g-d and other bad jokes. Good for a moment of levity in what was otherwise an incredibly LONG meeting.
I spent a few minutes today inprocessing with my new company, and I am very apprehensive about it. This is new to me, and my only hope is that I do not screw things up, as I am apt to do occasionally.
I was dissapointed this morning, due to operational reasons, a friend was unable to come to camp, and thus I was not able to spend time with them. Oh well, such is the way of life in war. For a bit of irony I quote a close friend and say "War is Hell"

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