January 22, 2005

Lazy afternoons

This is one of those things I missed the most while overseas: A lazy Saturday, where I can sleep in until noon (cause I was on the phone with my boyfriend until 5 in the morning), get up and toodle around online, clean my room up, eat breakfast (At 2) at the Waffle House down the road, and take care of my baby (otherwise known as my car). Yes, these things I did miss much, and it is so nice to be back into my usual routine. You do learn over there to not take the stupid things for granted, such as the pleasure of vacuuming my room up. Ok so not fun while I am doing it, but when finished my room looks soooo much better ROFL.
This last week has been all about getting my life back, and I think I am on a roll. Besides the multiple appointments for various injuries that need to be tended to, I am back in my usual routine and I love it.
Because I usually am a stay at home in the evenings type person, I have decided to make good use of my time, and have Instant Immersion Spanish, and the Princeton review SAT and ACT disks. The Princeton review is to help me up my score so that when I go into Georgia Military and retake the entry tests, I might get out of taking remedials! (Oh the joys of having a GED)
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