January 24, 2005

Life goes on

Ah, the joys of the weekend, mean yet again I have to face Mondays. Ok not really a bad thing when you known darned well you aren't doing much all day. Today I have to submit a pass form so that I can head to Miami in the beginning of February, NOT waiting until the Presidents day weekend to see my beloved again, just ain't happening LOL. I also have to go get a new ID card as my ETS (When I get out of the service) date has changed while over seas. Re-enlisting will do that. I just hope that my picture this time isn't near as bad as the one I have now. I look positivly bloated! But nothing tops the picture taken April 7th 2000, my first day in the Army. I swear I look just like a young boy!!!!! That picture was so damned funny I had to ask to keep the ID card itself.
In other news, one of my longtime and most beloved readers has hit a few snags in life. Go visit him at http://www.churchofsteelle.com and if you can be of assistance, please do. He has some wonderful art prints available for sale:-D I know if I could I most certainly would get one for my room. (Ah damned cars, so expensive)
I went to my old church for the first time yesterday, and it was enjoyable being back in the company of people who think like I do. To explain, I attend the Unitarian Universalist church here in town, and the only way for me to explain that one is to recommend that you do a search online and read about the church itself. Anyway, the minister there, who hasn't seen me in over a year, was cracking jokes with me, checking to see if I had been shot, and when I looked at him and deadpanned that while, no, I hadn't gotten shot, I got blown up, you could have knocked him over with a feather. It was just funny. These days I really don't like to make a big deal about that fact as it is over and done with and I am recovering rapidly. Just another part of my life, that ranks up there with all the other bad things I tend to deal with and then move on. My philosophy in life is to deal with things as they come, then move past them. There isn't any point in dwelling on them, as if you do, you usually end up miserable, and since I am not a miserable person..........................Granted I also have to see psyche here shortly as it was doctor mandated back in Iraq, but hey, talking to someone isn't a bad thing. I am just not fond of military pyschologists. We shall see.
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