January 30, 2005


We had a class at church this afternoon called UU101! :-D Kewl class. We first went around the table and introduced ourselves and gave a brief background of our religious upbringing and what had brought us to Unitarian Universalism. The very interesting thing was that with all the differences, the stories just about mirrored each other in that most of us had found at some point in our lives that the traditional religion, the patriarchal Christianity, had not meant anything to us at all, and that we just didn't "feel" it. There was something that we were missing, and that religion wasn't filling. And most of us were not really into spouting words that we just didn't believe. As my pastor says, we wanted to maintain personal integrity. What led me to the UU church was my mother who took me to one almost 2 years ago in Greensboro, NC, and since then I have found that it is a comfortable place to be. Since being out of an "organized" church for many years, I missed the community, the sense of a place to belong, and for me, the UU church here in Augusta has filled that spot. Although I do have to say, that when I tell people what church I attend I get those looks of "ooo evil", because most people have a misunderstanding of what Unitarian Universalism is. Even I did not know a lot before I attended the class today. Anyhow, it's a good day, although I didn't sleep all that well last night. Got into a pretty serious argument with the one I love, and I hate arguing. However all is well now, we talked things out, and I really think that the argument in one sense helped. Does that make sense at all?
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