March 15, 2005

Ah, the smell of clean

One of the things I like most about this class is that we are usually out by 3:-D Most of these classes are in the book, and don't take long to teach so off we go. I decided today that since my lazy sick bum has been procrastinating for the last few days on cleaning (not that I feel all that much better today either for that matter), I was attacking my room, car, and laundry, though not in that order. I tossed my clothes into the washer, set them to go, and proceeded back to my room to clean the dishes. Ok, NOT my favourite chore, and I live alone, how many dishes could there be?! Got that done, cleaned my bathroom, and then spread smell good stuff all over my carpet before I vacuumed. Bad thing, cause I wanted to ditch my lunch. Had to open the door and get fresh air in here. Thank goodness it isn't that cold today. Then, put my laundry in the dryer, and set about to go find out where the barracks phone service had moved to, as I need to pay my phone bill. Couldn't find them, so gave up and went to the car wash to vacuum my car. I can't stand car wash vacuums. The nozzles are so big, you can't fit them into itty bitty spots where food likes to collect! But it does a semi decent job so I feel a wee better about my car not being so icky. After doing that I needed to pick up my uniform from the dry cleaners, where I encountered a new person at the counter, whom I had not seen before. I came walking up, cane, wrist brace, and not wearing my tooth, and apparently I looked pathetic enough that the girl asked me what had happened. My response? Minor car accident ROFL:-D I am sorry, sometimes I just can't help but to be flippant about the whole situation. Someone asked me earlier today as well, and I said "no big" LOL. I did tell the girl at the dry cleaning place what actually happened though, after she raised her eyebrows at me and pointed to my various obvious injuries and made the remark that it didn't look all that minor to her:-D So then it was back to my room, and back to get my laundry from the dryers. The thing that aggravates me in our laundry room here, is that you can never tell what is going to work and what isn't. So today I had 2 dry loads, and 1 still wet that I had to wait for. Never fails that something is going to mess up. Now for the rest of my evening I plan on studying for the test Thursday (we stick and are stuck tomorrow, practicing inserting IV's) and relaxing til time for bed, all in my nice clean room:-D
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