March 06, 2005

The church and money

Every church, regardless of denomination, needs money to exist. And every church, at some point will have a Sunday that is focused on the need for money. Ours was today. The sermon was entitled "what would it take for you to double your pledge?". It was not about asking for money persay, but what the person spoke about was quite simple: what would you want to see done in order to give more? He pointed out the various things that can be accomplished, the various things that have been accomplished with the generous givings of the members. Very interesting and very though provoking. I believe that in church, you can see where your money goes moreso then perhaps when you give to various charities. At one point in the sermon he compared the church to a bond, or a stock. I can see the similiarity. When you invest your money in a a stock or a bond, you expect return. The same as when you give to your church. While the return may not be monetary, think about all the things you get when you go to church: a sense of belonging, community, friends, fellowship, comfort, the list goes on. It was very funny when during the offering, the choir sang a song called "Money, money, money" Very much with the theme this morning and very funny. During service, there are two parts that are particular favourites of mine, and that is when our music director plays the prelude and the postlude. He plays everything from classical to the theme from Pocahontas. One of mother and mines favourite things to do was guess what piece he was playing. This morning he played Variations on Copeland, "simple gifts" one of my all time favourite pieces:) So this morning's thought: when you give to others, you give to yourself.
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