March 10, 2005

Trivia Night

Last night I went out to TGI Fridays for trivia night with a few friends. Turns out I am not as smart as I thought I am:) So, now I will give you a chance at it: (Answers below)

1. In 1890 which was the first state in the US to grant women the right to vote?
2. On the TV show "The A Team" what was Mr. T afraid of?
3. Digiorno Pizza and Tombstone Pizza belong to what company?
4. What is BMI?
5. What is the most dangerous region for novice sailors to sail in South America?
6. What was the name of the sword that Bilbo Baggins used in the book "Hobbit" that detected Ogres?
7. 1.2 Billion dollars in ad's were spent in this language last year.
8. What President was a POW?
9. What 2 actresses starred in the film "Single White Female"?
10. Fact or Crap? Voodoo is the major religion in Hati.
11. What is a man who has been knighted in England called?
12. On the TV show "The Little Rascals" , what was the dog's name?
13. What is the nickname for the infamous Route 66?
14. What movie used the tagline: If you bury the truth, make sure it stays buried?
15. What was the first ship to use the SOS signal?
16. Fact or Crap? The Island of Alcatraz means The Island of the Damned.
Final question. Between the years 1968-1980, the summer Olympics were held in cities that started with the letter M. Name them in order.

Today was not so much fun, as we had recovery operations, well, they did recovery, and I sat and watched and got kicked out of the line several times cause I was trying to help:) I also ended up with a massive headache this afternoon that made me think I was going to die. Now it's much better, drugs aren't such a bad thing after all:-D

And now for the answers (and what my team thought last night):
1. Wyoming (New York, we figured it had to be one of the New England states)
2. Flying (Flying:)
3. Kraft (Nabisco)
4. Body Mass Index (It's a good thing they had a girl on their team last night)
5. Terra del Fuego (Strait of Magellan)
6. Sting (Yeah, I was shamed here, I didn't know it and someone else on the team did)
7. Spanish (Made perfect sense, which of course made us think we were wrong, but we weren't)
8. Andrew Jackson (we kinda cheated here, someone on another team told us hehehe)
9. Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh (I don't know how I knew this, but I did)
10. Fact (read it somewheres)
11. Sir (yeah ok, this was way to easy)
12. Petey (we thought Spot)
13. The Mother Road (Highway to Hell. The guy thought it was original)
14. I know what you did last summer (I don't do Horror flicks, so this was answered by someone else:)
15. The Titanic (thank goodness someone likes watching the doumentaries)
16. Crap (we were dummies:)
Final question:
1968-Mexico City, Mexico (missed this one)
1972-Munich, Germany (remembered this one)
1976-Montreal (we thought this was Madrid, and Montreal in 1968)
1980-Moscow (The US boycotted it, hard for me to forget)

So how did you do?
My final thought for today is something I read on a pyschologist website:
"The thing that upsets people is not what happens but what they think it means" Epictetus
How very true in my opinion:)
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