May 07, 2005

What fun can be had under the stars

As I do not keep up on current cultural events in my town, it often happens that I find out about interesting events at the very last minute. Such was the case today, when driving to the grocery store, I saw signs for concert parking for the Augusta Symphony. So I went home, logged onto their website, and discovered that they were having a free concert tonight, "Pops under the Stars". I haven't seen the symphony in years, so I went and loved every minute of it. Growing up in Tucson, my parents took us to see the symphony, the ballet, and classical music was played in our house frequently. I also played the violin, and was in the Tucson Junior Strings orchestra. So, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy a little Sousa, Tchaikovsky, or anyone else you like:-D It's good for your mind!
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