May 07, 2005

What fun can be had under the stars

As I do not keep up on current cultural events in my town, it often happens that I find out about interesting events at the very last minute. Such was the case today, when driving to the grocery store, I saw signs for concert parking for the Augusta Symphony. So I went home, logged onto their website, and discovered that they were having a free concert tonight, "Pops under the Stars". I haven't seen the symphony in years, so I went and loved every minute of it. Growing up in Tucson, my parents took us to see the symphony, the ballet, and classical music was played in our house frequently. I also played the violin, and was in the Tucson Junior Strings orchestra. So, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy a little Sousa, Tchaikovsky, or anyone else you like:-D It's good for your mind!


Brian H said...

Speaking of minds, and music, and such, there was a gangster musical movie entirely cast with kids some years ago called "Bugsy Malone", one of Jodie Foster's early starring roles. Some great songs in it, and your depression post reminds me of "Down and Out". Terrific stuff; watch it on DVD, or get the sound track if you can.

weirdfrog said...

Hey there Liz...just posting a note 'cause you wondered where everyone was...I've been following your 'blog-stuff for..oh, I don't know...maybe 6 months or so?
Anyhoo...Flagstaff AZ. sez Howdy!
Come visit the high country sometime. We'll take y'all up on the weatherford trail, or maybe Mt. Elden lookout-- get a little closer to god. (altitude-wise, mostly.)
Be well.
82d AA D.Co.1/505 P.I.R. '87-'90

NotQuiteDead said...

Sounds like a good time!! Isn't it great when you run across things like that--almost karmic..:p

Garrison Steelle said...

Free music that you don't even have to download! Not much better than that! ;)