June 24, 2005

New thing

Since I really couldn't say it better myself, I am going to let the story do the talking. In addition, I am going to permanently link both sites on my sidebar. My thanks to Stephanie Holbrook for sending me this information and allowing me to share it with you.

Army’s 230th birthday inspires Lycos.com and Tripod.com to Salutes Troops
By Sarah RyanJune 14, 2005WASHINGTON (Army News Service, June 14, 2004) -- In addition to the traditional wreath-laying and cake-cutting ceremonies to mark the Army’s 230th birthday, the week-long celebration includes an unlikely character – a dog named Lycos. Technology company Lycos, Inc., has undertaken several initiatives to salute Soldiers. The corporate mascot — Lycos the Dog — has dressed up for the occasion and will appear on the Lycos Web site in Army-issued camouflage at www.lycos.com.

n addition, Lycos has launched “Tripod for Troops,” a new program on Tripod.com designed to help Soldiers feel one step closer to home and serve as a destination where Soldiers returning from war can continue to tell their stories. With this tool, military families can create online journals and post photos from digital cameras and camera phones. Families can even invite friends and other members of their communities to contribute and update content on a regular basis.

“It’s very common for Soldiers stationed thousands of miles away to feel out of touch with what’s happening at home. Often times, it can be the little things that matter most — like a picture of a child’s birthday party or even a short story about an everyday event,” said Eric Wanta, senior director of marketing for Lycos, Inc. “Likewise, it’s just as important for Soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan to receive a hero’s welcome. Our online tools at Tripod.com make it easier to do both.”

“We’re excited that Lycos chose to take this initiative on the Army’s birthday,” said Col. Richard Breen, director of Operation Tribute to Freedom, the Army’s outreach program that honors returning Soldiers and gives them opportunities to thank the American people for their support. “We recognize that every Soldier has a story to tell, and online communities and recognition events are a great way for Soldiers and family members to share their stories of both sacrifice and heroism.”

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