July 04, 2005

Bad ideas

Include going to the mall on the 4th of July to get your hair cut. Bad Bad Idea. No, the mall wasn't crowded, nor insanely busy. The stores just had REALLY great sales. Must......not.........buy.............really..............cute...............shoes. "charge please" For the record, they were $7. I also purchased the most beautiful shirts for Mummy at one of her favorite stores, April Cornell, and I hit the ever wonderful sale at Bath and Body Works. All in all I didn't hurt my bank account that badly, at least I will not be eating ramen until next payday;)
So, what happens when you mix 2 teenaged couples? Mayday mayday mayday, please someone HELP!!! My 2 teenaged sisters now have boyfriends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone, please tell me when these children grew up on me? But, it was a lot of fun watching the 2 of them interacting with them, albeit a little freaky. The next time I go up, I have been tapped to play both chauffeur and chaperone for the young couples so that they may go watch a movie. Oh please let them pick a good one! My sisters do have very good taste in young men, at least from what I observed this last weekend. They were very good with the youngest 2 sisters, the 4 and 12 y/o's. Pictures soon to come.

I also spent the weekend with my beloved, who drove up here and went with me to go see my family. Poor boy, stuck in a house with 6 white people. (his words, not mine;) Especially with my family and as insane as we are:-D
All in all, my weekend has been great!
This coming week is going to be busy, appointments and catching up on paperwork. I love it:-D
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