August 05, 2005


According to Blog Patrol, the last 20 Keywords that sent people here were:

05/08/2005 13:25:17
women being deployed (Google) (Not me, not anymore)

05/08/2005 12:48:56
sgt lizzie (Google)

05/08/2005 11:42:51
Armor Gedden Blog (Google)

05/08/2005 10:54:32
www. Lizzie com (MSN) (No, I don't have my own domain. I am a little too cheap for that)

05/08/2005 10:44:39
picture of girl in army (Yahoo) (Very generic)

05/08/2005 10:10:32
life in this girls army (Google) (Taking suggestions for a new tagline)

05/08/2005 08:32:34
boyfriends in the army shirts (Yahoo) (Shirts?)

05/08/2005 03:35:06
big booms (Google) (Big Bada Boom)

05/08/2005 02:55:35
I AM IN ARMY NOW photos (Yahoo)

05/08/2005 02:53:05
girls getting there arses stuffed (Google) (SAY WHAT??????)

05/08/2005 00:46:36
painting splatters (Google) (Interesting)

tucson junior strings (Google) (Huh. Surprising link)

04/08/2005 22:44:59
life not going anywhere (Google)

04/08/2005 22:36:40
army life jokes (Google) (And I do love those jokes)

04/08/2005 21:46:57
Army AWOL (Google) (Never been Awol, this one is strange)

04/08/2005 20:51:35
tragic happenings (Google) (Oh yeah, my life is REALLY tragic. Oh please)

04/08/2005 19:35:53
Female army blog (Yahoo) (Certainly fits me)

04/08/2005 18:03:25
vbied (Google)

04/08/2005 14:44:04
blood boiling point (Google) (Another one of those Huh? ones)

04/08/2005 14:04:11 (Google)
(Strangely enough, I know a few people who do this and I could almost guarantee I can name names.)


Anonymous said...

hello, i am a Baghdad-based reporter from the washington post and was interested in speaking with you about your weblog for a story i am doing about military blogs. any chance you could speak with me sometime soon, or answer questions over email? Thanks for your time and I enjoyed your work.
Jonathan Finer

truthseeker said...

Cindy Sheehan's letter to Nightline about PNAC Neocon cabal

Rosemary said...

lol. How are you doing, Sarge? Well, I hope. Take care of yourself. I see a reporter wants to speak with you! Wow! You go on with your bad self! (j/k) Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for standing between my family and harms way!

BTW - the tounge stud thing -- cute! Real cute! LOL