January 26, 2006

Moments of frustration

I love my job, I really do. But I do have a stretch point for sheer stupidity still, and right now, we are there. There are so many little silly things, i.e. most of my customers pay a different price for the same thing depending, and mind you only one price is listed in Quickbooks so I have know that particular person gets such and such price and change it manually. It's annoying to say the least.

So I am talking to my best friend last night, catching up on the gossip and what not, when she mentions that my name, and my blog are being used as a bad example, using inaccurate information to do so. I'm gone people, let it go already! Or did you hate me that much? Just stupid is my opinion.

In other news, I just weathered a pregnancy scare. My body apparently likes to play tricks with me, and led to a couple of days of VERY nervous nail biting. I do want to get pregnant, eventually, but NOT NOW. eeeeeeeeek. Too early. I start school again the beginning of February and this quarter I have a full load; math, spanish, history, and science on the agenda. I need to finish school first. DH was rather sweet about it, once I finally fessed up to why I had been so very cranky and unable to sleep. His concern? The cats and what would we have to do with them LOL. His way of thinking: not stress til we know for sure; my way of thinking: Worry about how this changes a number of things, too soon, worry about how I'm going to tell Mum ("I swear it was an accident!" LOL), so on and so forth. At one point we were discussing, and I made the remark "well it's your fault" and he responded with "I sure as hell hope it's my fault" ROFL. It lightened the moment, but now I am relaxed and not so worried. Oh and before you ask, yes I take pills daily!
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