January 23, 2006

On the Purple Heart Stamp

I got this today:
Dear Mrs. Mesa:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for signing the Purple Heart Stamp petition on my Senate website. I am pleased to announce a major victory for supporters of the Purple Heart Stamp with the news that the United States Postal Service will continue to print the stamp despite the recent rate change. The Postal Service made the announcement last Friday.

With the recent increase in postal rates, supporters of the Purple Heart Stamp, including members of Military Order of the Purple Heart, were concerned that the Postal Service might discontinue the stamp which honors the heroes who have received the Purple Heart Medal. In response to those concerns, I launched a petition on my website to urge the Postmaster General to continue issuing the Purple Heart Stamp honoring the heroes who have received this medal. On December 19th, I also wrote to Postmaster General John Potter, delivering a list of hundreds of names of individuals who signed my petition.

This is wonderful news for all recipients of the Purple Heart as well as the supporters of this important and historic stamp. There was clearly a tremendous amount of public support for keeping this stamp in circulation, so I am delighted that it will continue to be issued by the Postal Service. This stamp honors those men and women in uniform who have made tremendous sacrifices in the defense of our nation. I am so pleased that we will continue to see it printed in their honor.
Sincerely yours,
Hillary Rodham Clinton


DirtEater13 said...

Lizzie! I'm back online, with what may become a very political blog at http://afgos.blogspot.com/atom.xml

I'm in Knoxville with a friend looking for a job, car and an apartment. It makes me wish I had saved more over the last year.

DirtEater13 said...

Yes, it's me Timmy.

Anonymous said...

I am quite sure that another politician did more than Hillary...trust me on that one. As it stands, that stamp means a great deal to me. It was one that I never wanted attached to a letter while I was deployed and I am sure you understand why. You know how I am about good luck charms, they work, two tours, ...no leaks, no drips and no spills...all my digits...it's all good. I hope that Little, Little Sprout is doing well...give him my best. I can see much better now...Thank you so much. :)

Rosemary said...

No wonder I didn't hear about it! When I found out who "had a campaign for the Purple Heart Stamp on their webpage" I thought to myself, "Why didn't she mention it outloud? If I had known, there would have more than "hundreds" of petitions! Gee wiz.

How are you doing? Well, I hope! Have a great day.