August 22, 2006

Yes, still here

Still living a nice peaceful life:-D
There is news however, both of the good sort, the bad sort, and the kind that made me go "huh."
First the bad sort (though it really isn't that bad if you put it into the right light), My beloved better half has taken a new job that will allow him to do what he does best, and enjoy it much. However, it takes him over to Iraq, so yours truely finds herself in a new position, as the one left behind. He will only be gone 3 months at a time though, so I am sure I will survive.
In good news, I have been consulting with doctors once again about my knee, and have been told that at this point what is causing the pain is most likely cartlidge, and that can be repaired. I have to go through some X-rays and another MRI to be sure, but I am confident that finally I will have a solution.
In the sort that made me scratch my head a bit, my other younger (YES you are still younger than me, though you may be bigger) brother has decided to join the Army. Odd, because I have to admit that I never thought him the sort, but his older sister joined, and his younger brother did, so he is flanked by two Army vets, not to mention the long line of them on Mum's side. Anyhows, I am proud of him and his decision, and hope that all works for him and his wife. They are due next month and I will be an Auntie:-D
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