September 22, 2006

Things I didn't know

When I told Daniel that I was ok with him taking this new job that would take him away for months at a time, I thought it was ok, that I could handle it. After all, it is a fantastic job, doing what he loves, and doing good things. Boy was I wrong, sorta. I am ok, for the most part, the nightly anxiety fits have settled down and I am sleeping better. But its the stupidest little things that get me to tearing up these days, like a couple kissing or hugging on tv, or tonight, driving home after a visit with a friend down south to an empty house. Just silly things. I know in the long run this will all settle down, and this is a good thing, but man, right now, this just SUCKS!

Ok, enough whining, got a funny one for you now. I had a root canal done this morning to hopefully repair things in my mouth so that when I eat sweets I don't start screaming a few seconds later (I'm a sucker for pain, so yeah, I have been eating them) Anyway, the doc is in there this morning poking around when he discovers a small cotton swab that had been left in there. Now, the only reasonable explaination we could come up with is that they intended me to have a full root canal 2 years ago when I returned to the states. But boy, it was funny and the freakiest weird thing that I think I have ever had happen to me. Mind you it didn't cause any harm and is common practice. I have one in there now until next week when I return for a permanent filling.

Otherwise, things are truely ok here, I have started sleeping ok at nights, save for when Lilith (one of my cats) crawls up on the bed with me and decides that my neck makes a great pillow LOL. I really think that they know that Daddy is gone right now, so they have wanted extra attention, especially Lil:) She's a snuggle bug that one is:)
Late here, so I am going to feed said animals, and nod off to merry land. I have Yoga in the morning so must be rested for that.
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