March 12, 2007

"did you do something with your hair?"

Ok, to set the record completely straight, I am, by birth, a true blonde. By that I mean I grew up with platinum blonde hair that was my own. Now granted, as I have aged it has darkened to where I am what my friend calls a dishwater blonde. Either way, I am a natural blonde. So, when I come prancing into work this morning with a head of extremely dark brunette hair, you'd think people would notice the hair. Nope, instead, I get questions such as the above ROFL. Mind you I am not digging for compliments, but when people have noticed there is something different you would think they'd notice the DARK hair ROFL ROFL:) I just think its funny as all hell.
and for the record, I did not start this weekend intending on becoming a brunette, I planned on becoming a Redhead. That didn't happen, and after a couple of attempts at correction after the red went screwy, I purchased a bottle of light brown, and brunette I became. It is my personally held belief that a bottle of brown will fix all hair sins:)
Anyway, I HATE Mondays, but back to work with me.
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