March 09, 2007

yeah yeah yeah

I'm weighing in now on the whole VA debate, considering I do have some personal experience. But all I have to say is, whats with the major delay in the media with these stories: Example, I knew about the stupidity at Abu Ghraib almost from the time we landed there. It was via Rumint (Rumor Intelligence) of course, but Rumint is pretty accurate at times. When did the story really crack? April, I'd already been there 4 months.
Now again with the VA but I tell you this, things have been this way for YEARS!! Glad to have the publicity, now lets fix it shall we!!!!!!!!! Anyway, enough ranting from me.
Life is good, but quiet here. I volunteered with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and have a Little Sister I do things with a couple of times a month. Its great and a lot of fun. We were going skiing this weekend but it got warm here and thus no snow on Mount Lemmon (Be quiet Mum I know you're glad for that). I enjoy it and it is fulfilling.
Outside of those activities I live quietly at home, watching and lately doing a lot of reading again.
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