April 30, 2007

Soon, I hope, good news

In the meantime, I will twiddle my thumbs and continue being the fabulous admin that I am.
Its been very uneventful in my life recently, save for a trip back east and those are always fun. The kids grow up before you know it that's for sure. I bought a new car on Sunday, stupid me I know, but the Neon's trans was going and the sunroof had just broken. For a thousand down I now have an 06 Pontiac Vibe, all white, less then 10,000 miles on the car. Very very nice. I fell in love with these driving them as rentals back east and now I own one. Pictures to follow I promise.
Husband returns in a couple of weeks, I am counting the days LOL. Love my cats and all, but nothing beats Daniel for a warm body in bed next to me;)

(OOPS thought I published this yesterday)
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