September 20, 2007

Just a whole lot of nothing

Or not. One of my favorite online reading places is Slate Magazine. I enjoy reading in particular the Explainer, which recently featured this story on Iraq Tempatures:
His point was it really isn't 130 degrees there. Naturally, this led to much commenting on how, while it may NOT be that hot, it sure as hell feels like it.
This week, a compilation by one of the authors (Here) states this " We're in sorry shape, indeed, if our troops are depending upon a lie of six degrees. It's sad to see so many troops (plus their friends and family) opposed to a mere statement of truth"
If you read most of the comments, we aren't objecting to a "mere statement of truth" We just want our side of the issue, and how we feel heard on it as well. It may not be that hot in reality, but don't dismiss the heat.

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