May 04, 2017

It's been nearly a decade

And I feel I should add an update to my life, as it has changed so much :) I've had now two surgeries on my wrist as referenced in the last blog, but neither one of them really gave me more functionality, much to my chagrin.
It has been even more of an uphill battle with my knee, I have now seen, at last count 8! different orthopedic surgeons. My current one is doing more than anyone else though, I'm actually scheduled for exploratory surgery in a few weeks. The pain is a constant, but I deal.
Now for the biggest change in my life: I had kids!!!!!!!!!!! I have two wee munchkins, I often lovingly refer to them as the tiny demons. My oldest is four, my youngest two, and they are both boys. They keep me on my toes on the regular.
I've finished one degree, an AAS as a Paralegal, and I am on track to graduate in December with my Bachelors.
As you can see, life has been full, wonderful, and amazing.
I don't know where everyone is coming from, but I hope you enjoy this update.

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