August 21, 2004

Fun in the sun!

After a full days work, my TL released us early. We were very productive today outside, resulting in my arms now being covered in various little scratches. Quite alright though, just a sign of hard work.
As I have been working rather hard physically these last few days, I went to the pool this afternoon to relax and cool off. While I did cool off, I did not relax. A few friends were there and feeling frisky, as I couldn't stay on a raft to save my life. No sooner would I get on, then I would be promptly dumped back into the water. Laughter abounded, as well of shreiks (sue me if that isn't spelled right) of I'm going to get you! I did have the chance once again to prove my prowess in the water while swimming, when someone challenged me. He told me that I couldn't keep up with him! Excuse me, I didn't spend the summers of my childhood in the pool for nothing. He hehehe. Due to a lengthened armstroke, he did win, but NOT by much at all:-D All in all, I spent more time at the pool then I ever have, and had more fun then ever before. Between getting dunked, and dunking others, it was fun, and I am now very relaxed. As I have tomorrow off, I think I will spend the day in my room, watching dvd's. Or, better yet, reading a good romance;) Nothing like curling up with a cup of tea, or cappucino, and a good book, with good music in the background.
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