August 20, 2004


I have to admit that sometimes I wonder if what I do is worth anything. I wonder if anything I do matters, if it makes a difference. But that is neither here nor there for now.
I was up before the sunrise this morning for PT as usual, went out for a 6 mile bike ride. I am now in pain, but it is good pain. I am now sitting here, drinking coffee (A rarity for me), and preparing to face another day. Today I expect to be outside most of the day, cleaning up the outside of the building I have spent the last 2 days cleaning the inside of. In the last few days, I have put in more physical labour than I have done in a long time. Admitedly, it isn't very hard on the body to sit at a computer and type all day. Mentally I would go insane, but physically I was fine LOL:-D
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