August 19, 2004

paint splatters

I spent yesterday painting my new office with white paint, so as to help hide the graffiti that the previous occupants left behind. What I don't understand it why people feel the need to doodle things on the walls. For example, one bit of "poetry" left behind: "Grown men don't have emotions, that's why they are grown men" to which I turned and looked at my team mate and replied that grown men also don't doodle on walls. He thought that was funny. It is dumb and for the most part rather inane as you really have to wonder at their IQ level. Anyway, I naturally made a thorough mess of myself, as is my wont to do, and by the time we quit for the day, I was whiter than white. I looked as though most of the paint was on me rather than on the walls. Of course, I had a blast doing so.
These last few days have been extrodinarily stress free, it's been really nice.
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