August 27, 2004

Good Morning!

Bright and awake, and yeah right. I hate dragging myself out of bed before the sun rises! But here I am, waiting for my company to return from their run. Ordinarily I would have been out riding my bike, but the 1SG wished to run this morning, so I am looking after the CP. Not a bad gig LOL:)
Life hasn't been all that bad, despite what you may think after my last posting. I was just furious, and it still gets me a bit steamed to think about it. But when all is said and done, I will still be the same respectful person that I always am. I have a slight mental block that doesn't allow me to be disrespectful of a person, to their face at least LOL. Something about not like trouble?! Hehehe. Of no matter. It's Saturday and tomorrow I shall be off all day, and get to play lounge lizard in my room.
I watched American Wedding finally last night. It was histarically funny, and off the wall. Dear g-d when and if I ever get married, I do not want a disaster as that. I realize that it was a movie and therefore imagined, but you never know what could happen.
Well, off I go to face another day in hell. Soon I will be home!
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