August 25, 2004

No More Miss Nice Girl?

Is that what it is going to take for people to take me seriously? Am I going to have to lock myself up into a shell, in order to gain the perception that I am competent? To gain respect? Am I so bad that persons must be warned to stay away from me? The latest and greatest amusement in the world of “who is she sleeping with now” is the rumour that I am trying to entice a young 19 y/o to my bed! This BOY is younger than my younger brother, and is someone that I have always been nice to, but that’s it. Apparently my friendliness on more than one occasion has been mistaken for overt flirtation. So it begs the question, should I no longer be a pleasant person, should I no longer be a friend? All it seems to have brought me is pain and hurt. These are people I have done everything within my power to help. Where others would deride, I would defend; where others would ignore, I would try to help. What has it brought me but further derision. What does it take? Frustration builds to a new level every time I hear of these matters. I don’t know just how much more I can take before I do shut down.


CBFTW said...

i noticed your location being: Hell, Iraq. Cool. Guess what, I'm there too. just wondering, what's your mos?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm flipping through some milblogs and I thought I would lend some advice. I know what it was like to be that 19 year old kid who felt like he was led on. Solution? Be nice but not too nice, but don't be cold either in a way to psych yourself out for making distance. Seems like you still want to be friends or something but you need to decide. Nothing wrong with having a talk with him either so you can both get on the same page, otherwise he'll be keeping on wondering, and you'll keep on worrying what the hell he's thinking. Think about what you're going to say and have a talk. Then it's DONE and you don't have to stress anymore. I would rather have a gal be straight up with me so I can make some decisions (like moving on).
Some other words of wisdom from the Dalai Lama:
"Learn the rules thoroughly so that you may know how to break them properly."
--Reiner from AZ

Anonymous said...

lets see: I'm 19,away from home,way away, in a war zone,probably wondering about what tomorrow is going to bring,and also never been laid, a sweet young lady actually talks to me,the guys see this and as guys are they're probably filling my head full of stuff you'd probably rather not know, and stupid young me "you see where this is going!!' don't jump his case too bad,let him know he's barking up the tree and maybe lead him to the correct tree// God you guys are great, I'm proud as hell of our troops/ thanks