August 25, 2004

No More Miss Nice Girl?

Is that what it is going to take for people to take me seriously? Am I going to have to lock myself up into a shell, in order to gain the perception that I am competent? To gain respect? Am I so bad that persons must be warned to stay away from me? The latest and greatest amusement in the world of “who is she sleeping with now” is the rumour that I am trying to entice a young 19 y/o to my bed! This BOY is younger than my younger brother, and is someone that I have always been nice to, but that’s it. Apparently my friendliness on more than one occasion has been mistaken for overt flirtation. So it begs the question, should I no longer be a pleasant person, should I no longer be a friend? All it seems to have brought me is pain and hurt. These are people I have done everything within my power to help. Where others would deride, I would defend; where others would ignore, I would try to help. What has it brought me but further derision. What does it take? Frustration builds to a new level every time I hear of these matters. I don’t know just how much more I can take before I do shut down.
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