August 08, 2004

Laundry, Databases, and abnormal living.

Well, after a week of trying to do so, I finally was able to do my laundry. I needed to badly to as I was down to my last few pairs of socks and T-shirts. Never a good thing. But first of course, as I never get a total day off to myself, I had to come into the office and get my various spreadsheets done and sent off to their respective persons. Thankfully that didn't take too much of my time and I was able to run away for a wee bit to do my laundry and then go to the pool. I only spent an hour at the pool, as I forgot my sun lotion and had to borrow some. Besides, the pool here is kinda boring, no one really does anything besides sit or hang from the sides. yaaaawn. I prefer to play and have fun. I went home, and then decided that I probably should make some attempt at cleaning my room. Not that it was horribly messy or anything, just that it needed straightening up. So after doing that, I cooked dinner (Mac and Cheese with Pork and Beans for those interested) and started watching Stargate. Of course, since I can't do that without interruptions, about mid way through the episode, my boss came in and told me that I needed to get to the office and send off a document, as apparently I am the only one capable of doing so. Just once, can I get through the day without someone screaming my name?! This place is enough to almost make one not care about anything! If it weren't for a few select persons I call friends, that I do occasionally get to see, as they are not on this post, I would go insane.
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