August 08, 2004

Sleepless nights and stressful days

Life continues on here, stupid as ever. Yesterday's remarkebly dumb thing was a discussion on whether or not the females were allowed to wear bathing suits at the swimming pool, as that would be civilian clothing and we are not authorized to wear civilians! I was sent to see the big man up top, who promptly yelled at me for not going through proper channels. When a solider can not ask am simple question about uniform policy, what have we come to? Is this person's head too big for their shoulders now?! It turned out alright though thankfully, because just once, common sense actually prevailed and we will be allowed our swimsuits.
But days like this lead to a night like I had last night, where I was unable to shut down on my own without chemical assistance (Which I broke down about midnight and took). And because I don't sleep, I get stressed during the day. It is a vicious cycle.
But, I am used to it, so I will survive. All I have to remember is that it is only a few more months before we return home and then I will have the solitude and peace that I crave.
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