August 23, 2004

Let's go fly a kite

Winds around here are usually pretty strong, but apparently not strong enough to send up the little pocket kite I got while home on leave. It reminded me of a time abut 2 years ago, preparing for our first deployment over here. It was a lazy Saturday morning, and the marjority of my company was out at the warehouse trying to get things done. We had a lull in that time, and I went to my car and pulled my kite out of the trunk and started to attempt to fly it. Soon there were others joining in and before long we had it soaring in the parking lot. It caused a good deal of amusement in what was otherwise an aggravating day. My 1SG then said that no one should ever tell me to go fly a kite, as chances were good that I would. There is nothing more stress relieving sometimes then the simple things in life. Simple things that ordinarily seem silly, or dumb often have the power to make us forget where we are and what we are doing. And for those few moments of forgetfulness, life is good again.
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