August 23, 2004

Nonsensical items

Item 1. Noticed while running around post taking the long way back after chow this evening: A BBQ grill built from what appears to be an old bomb. Almost ran myself off the road doing a double take at that one.
Item 2.Life in this unit. If it gets any worse I swear I will go outside at midnight and scream at the top of my lungs.
Item 3. I had more but I forgot while I was out doing my laundry.
Doing my own laundry is a necessity around here. The last time I sent my laundry to the KBR facility, I ended up with a ruined $30 Bra! I indulge so infrequently in expensive lingerie, that I prefer to keep it nice looking. So these days I have taken to doing my own wash, about twice a wee. Actually provides me with something to keep me occupied for an hour or 2 rather then die of boredom. Thanks be to Mummy who taught me to cook, clean, and wash my own blue jeans (Or DCU's as the case may be):-D
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