August 05, 2004

Mixed Messages (Another Rant)

Mixed Messages: One of those little things that makes me HOT. I really despise it when I am told to make something a high priority and complete it asap, and so I spend extra hours in the office to make it happen, and then to be told that oh, it can wait. Excuse me?!
Another one: We tell the soldiers that they will be getting mail 5 days a week vs 3 days a week. A morale booster. But no, when it is too "inconvienent","I'm not worried about it". Ooooook. So it isn't an easy thing to accomplish today. Wah. Life isn't easy and sometimes it is hard to make things happen, but in the end it is worth it, isn't it?
I put myself out there for people, let them know that if they need me, I am there, and people do take advantage of this. But I wonder sometimes, especially at those who come to me for assistance, yet who were not 5 minutes ago, trashing my name, what am I doing? I want to help, I do, but I find myself at wits end often times trying to do everything I can, yet running into slammed doors constantly. If I were to say, that's it, I quit, what would happen? Would I be less stressed, would that make me happier?
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