August 03, 2004

Swimming, eating, and getting hit on

Being a female in Iraq is not really that fun, but occasionally there are funny points to it. Example: Myself and 2 other girls were sitting at dinner tonight, when we were engaged in conversation by 3 Brits sitting next to us. Forgive me, it was 2 Brits and a Scotsman. Either way, the conversation devolved rapidly, and soo we were all laughing at such things as why the US has the World Series (Baseball for those dorks out there), yet we are the only ones who play, or why we have Iced tea. To them, that is babaric. It simply isn't done. As we left, one of my compatriots and I were discussing the gentlemen. (I said "Goodnight Gentlemen" to which one responded "oh I am not that", so I asked him if he was an "arsehole" instead!) Anyway, she seemed rather insistent that they were hitting on me specifically, to which I pointed out that while they were doing considerable flirting, it was directed at us as a whole. It did make for an enjoyable dinner though, much different than my usual meals alone with my food and my bood.
Back to the first subject in my title. I went swimming today for the first time in a long time. The pool is a small one that sits by one of the lakes on post, and is 6ft deep, all the way across. Me being 5'4", this was a slight issue. I treaded (I have no idea what word to use here) water for quite sometime, dunking people right and left, and when my back was turned, being dunked myself. Of course, now I am going to hell, as one of the persons dunked was the Chaplain. Hey, he started it by threatening to pull me in:-D
While hanging out on the side looking around, I talked to one of the ISG civilians that was also there about the camp. There was an old Baath party building across the lake from where we were, and according to tale, there are still dead bodies in the theatre that was bombed last year during the war.
The camp is an interesting mish mash of interesting architecture. While some of the buildings are very plain, and functional, such as the buildings I work and live in, others are beautiful.
I think I am off to bed now. I am going to AG in the morning to provide administration support. Yay. (Yes, that was sarcasm:-)
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