August 04, 2004

The Prison

Well, after a few hiccups and coughs this morning, we were off to the prison. As much as I despise where I am living now, I do remember why this place is just slightly better. For starters, I do so hate running around with 30 extra pounds of equipment on just to go eat chow! Anyway, no matter the differences, it all boils down to this: Iraq just plain sucks.
I did have a pretty good day though, as I had nothing major to do, so got to goof off all day with a couple of my buddies. We spent the day talking about anything and everything, but mostly military stuff. I realized just why I haven't had a serious relationship with a civilian in over 4 years now: I have nothing in common with them! I associate better with those that have a better understanding of my lifestyle.
Since I have been here, I met all kinds of people from all over, NG or reservist. Being in an active duty unit, often times the only people I know are active duty. But we are out here, we have a NG unit attached to us, and we worked next to a reservist unit while at the Prison. It is an interesting look at life in both the Army and Civilian, the balance between soldier and man/woman. They are often looked down upon for their choice of branches, but I don't see why they should be. Often times, the NG or reserve unit is just as good, if not better than the active duty unit. These men and women must give up careers, lives to be deployed. I do not say this to diminish the active duty soldier, but often times, we do not see just how great the sacrifice that is made by our counterpart in the NG/Reserves. Perhaps if we did, there would be a greater understanding, and a better ability to work together.
I was going somewhere, but my train of thought just jumped the tracks again! He He He. Long, HOT day. And of course it isn't over. We have a major event happening Sunday, and it has fallen to me to be prepared, so now that I have lost a day in working, I must make up for it tonight. Not really an issue, as I have no life anyway, but I did want to watch more Stargate.
You know, during the day, all these wonderful ramblings occur to me, but I have no means to jot them down, and I lose them. Oh well.
Well to all who read this, greetings, and GOODNIGHT.
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