September 26, 2004

Comments And Other Bloggers Like Me

It is Sunday here, and although it is my day off, I am sitting in my office more or less babysitting the workers putting finishing touches on our office. So I have had a good deal of time to go through my blog and read all of the comments. It is always interesting to see what other people think. For the record, while I am not in a college dorm room, I know it seems that way because I write of the frivolous things here, but yes, I am indeed in the big bad war zone LOL. Just in a more protected area then most I guess. But that same poster did have some very insightful questions, most of which I really can't answer fully. But I will try to answer as I can.

Do you and others have what you need to fight and win this war? Maybe, maybe not, I know that the Army as a whole is doing what it can to ensure our maximum safety, e.g. Armoured Humvees, vests, so on and so forth.
Heck are we winning or losing? Over all, I would say winning. Not all of Iraq is a bad place, not all Iraqi's are insurgents. Those are a minority, a very small minority although I know it does not seem as such. I have heard time and time again from the Iraqi people I do come into contact with that they are glad we are here, that things are getting better. Things just take time and patience.
Is it as rosy and Bush paints it? No, this place isn't rosy, but it certainly isn't a blistering firepit of hell either.
Is it as nasty as I think it it? No, not at all.
Do the Iraqis see the US as Occupier's or Liberators? Most, Liberators.
Even from my very sheltered standpoint I can see the good, and the bad. I was listening to the radio yesterday, listening to the Corps of Engineers describe working on a power plant here in Baghdad and then turning it over to the Iraqi's. They ensured that the plant was up and running, and providing power, and also ensured that the Iraqi's had the proper equipment and training to keep the plant functioning. Things like this show the good that we are doing here, we are improving things all over this country little by little. Do I like being here? No, not really. But it is what I signed up to do, and I will do so willingly.

On another topic, here are a few of the other Bloggers who have either posted to my Blog, or that I have found elsewhere and that I thought were neat. Take a few moments and check them out:
Seth over at is alot of fun to read, also is trying to raise money to buy a 2004 Lotus. Grand dreams:-D
Navy Doc, @ is a Navy guy in the states, recently posted about enjoying a Keg, lucky guy.
Sean @ just went back to the states from here (Lucky him), his mom has a restaurant in AZ to sell, wish I could buy it. I miss AZ at times.
CPT Myers, I loved reading his posts about the Green Zone and the flights into BIAP.
Rosemary, reminds me of my dearest Grandma, she is just as nice:)

For those of you reading this, I have just redone my settings and now all may comment, whether a registered Blogspot user or not, so feel free to click the link and type away. I want to know, what would you all like to know about here?

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