September 25, 2004

How well do people know me?

Of the 5 people I sent the quiz too, 3 have taken it, and the average score is 81%, so not too bad. But what really made me giggle, was that my dear, beloved mother, missed 2 questions, and scored 88%:-D Ok granted, she thought I was a perfect angel and that my favourite season was fall, so maybe she can be forgiven:-D Anyway, these little quizzes are causing some amusement amongst my group of friends, as I have been now quizzed by 2 of my oldest friends. Scored low on one (oops), and high on the other (He thinks I'm dumb)., an amusing place let me tell you.
Anyway, thus far, my day hasn't been bad, haven't really done anything other than type up a memo, (love typing memos). But I have to say, getting tired of the not doing anything bit. My whole goal, my whole purpose in life is to make a difference in other peoples lives. After all, that's what the US is doing here isn't it? Making a change for the better for these people? Yet here I am sitting quite comfortably in an office with a fan (No, no AC for me), Safe (Being a relative term around here), and with a good number of amenities (Showers, chow hall, PX). Yep, living the good life while deployed. And no, I am not exactly grateful. I'd much rather be out there, helping, assisting in any way that I could. I read the blogs, the stories, and the newspaper, there are people out there everyday, doing. And here I am, sitting. Blah isn't life good ROFL. Ok I swear, enough with the griping from me.
I have to say though, that I am remarkably blessed, lucky, however you would want to put it. I have a great family, a better then average relationship with my mother (My best friend in the whole wide world), friends who make everything just THAT much better to my day, and as ever, my perpetual life won't get me down attitude. I know you all can't really see that last online, but I swear, I try hard to make it so:)
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