September 23, 2004


Ok, thought I knew alot about computers, apparently I don't LOL. I am trying to create one of those cool little sidebars that you all have on your blogs. I think I am missing something in my settings and not sure how to do this. I would very much like to link all my new blog buddies, but coming up short. Any guidance? Thanks:-D


D said...

Hello Liz,
Just found your blog.
I'm a mom of two Marines. One son just returned from Iraq last week; the other recently deployed.
Will follow your site, and give you as much emotional support as possible. If you need anything sent in a care package, will be happy to oblige.

Anonymous said...

It's called a blogroll. I haven't used Blogger so I don't know how to add one, but atleast knowing the term might point you in the right direction.

Gareth Lewin

Anonymous said...

Found this hope it helps.

Gareth Lewin

Anonymous said...

Hey, just read about soldier blogs on MSNBC, thought I would write to someone. I will leave all politics ate the door. But if you and anyone in your circle need anything, like a care package, let me know. Here is my e-mail address: Email anytime. Thanks for the insights.
R.A. Johnson, USA