September 23, 2004

Karaoke and green sock puppets

I go to karaoke night once a week at the local MWR facility, I call it my weekly therabpy session. Things can get quite funny there, especially last night when one gentlemen decided to put on a puppet show, singing "Rainbow Connection" with a green sock puppet. Gotta give him kudos for that, it was most original and hilarious.
My best friend came back from leave, and so now I have someone to talk to again. I am ecstatic about that, so few people around here are really worth talking to, (and others I would rather run from) So all in all, what started as a bad week is turning better by the day:-D


Anonymous said...

Rainbow Connection with a green sock puppet. ROFL. Hello from Asia :)


Anonymous said...

Don't know if this will work; have never posted a comment to a blog and think my last try didn't work. Just had to say GREAT JOB you're doing and thanks for writing so the rest of us can See what's happening, the ordinary as well as the bizarre aspects of military life. Loved the sock puppet piece and wish you had shared a photo of this dude for the rest of us to sing along 'rainbow connection.' You're a good writer (among other things); just keep it up! We need to hear from YOUR voice. Just another Scorpio gal--