September 03, 2004

Days gone by

We have but a few more months in this woeful country, and it seems as though time couldn't drag by any slower for me these days. Especially since we really aren't particularily busy. In my former job, there was always something for me to do, something to keep me busy, often times late into the nights. But I was forever and always stressed. These days I have a lot less stress, but more time to be bored. I am not a fan of being bored. I'd much rather have my hands deep in something, but is it worth the stress? Which would I prefer? I don't know really.
I ran into someone yesterday from the group of persons to whom I am not speaking, and he noted that I hadn't been around. Being slighty bitchy, I remarked that I thought that he would have been overjoyed. When he turned around he seemed to be shocked to hear such a tone from me. I had to smile though, to take the sting away. As much as I really wish I were able to be a cold hearted bitch somedays, I guess it is just not in my personality to do so. Bummer:)
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