September 02, 2004

A Mite Sulky

I was a bit on the blue side today, as my best friend here left to go on leave. Of course I am happy for him, but I am feeling a wee selfish, as damnit, who am I going to talk to nowL J. It hasn’t been a bad day otherwise, we did manage finally to get lines into our office so we have access and do not have to wait for computers to be free elsewhere. I went out tonight, rarity of all rarities, to karaoke night. I had planned on singing one song, just for the fun of it, and so spent all day practicing, only to get there tonight and find that they didn’t have the song. Bummer, so I just substituted. Still had fun tonight, and was out much later than I should be. For shame. Eventually I suppose I will be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour, but for now, well, I shall just have to subsist on the sleep I do get and just pray that I do not pass out in the middle of the after noon LOL.
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