September 20, 2004

I was busy!!!!!!!!!

Yay for me, I do so prefer being busy to doing absolutly nothing. I spent the afternoon working hard, and it made the time just fly by. Good thing too cause I woke up at 0800 this morning. I was supposed to have been out at the motor pool for maintainence at 0800. Oops. I made it out there by 0810 though:)
Nothing much else has been really going on here, I got and watched Will and Grace, Season 3. I love that show:)

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Matthew said...

I scanned through your blog. I couldn't tell if you were in a war zone or college dorm? Except for the bit about the bombs exploding. You post about the beauty at the top of the mountain become shit as you came down was the best so far.

I would like to read some more from someone with eyes and ears in Iraq. Is it as rosy and Bush paints it? Is it as nasty as I think it it? Do the Iraqis see the US as Occupier's or Liberators?

While everyone agrees having Saddam gone is a good thing, not one person who plans on voting for Bush would be willing to pay their $1000 tax bill to pay for the war. Do you and others have what you need to fight and win this war? Heck are we winning or losing? We don't know back here?

Thank you for your service, I do appriciate it! I have a very important vote to make in a couple months and I know our media is being extemely filtered. Your imput would be most valuable.

I blog my diving adventures of South East Florida at Scroll back to June to see more photos before I lost my camera to kind Neptune.

Thanks again for your service and keep blogging! I hope I might have given you some more content to ponder and write about!

Warm regards and prayers,

--Matt Hoelscher