September 22, 2004

One of those weeks

Where nothing wants to go right. Bleah. Monday I was late for work, Tuesday was just screwy, and I slept far too late this morning. Yesterday we had the adventure of trying to move a big generator around to put it where we wanted it. That Didn't happen LOL. I am not used to driving a big truck with something attached to the back, and my TC couldn'd ground guide a trailer to save his life. It just ended up with us dropping the generator and then getting someone else to move it today.I took a sleepipng pill last night, and that's the last time I will do it a night before I have to work. I slept until 0840 this morning, right through my 0630 alarm. Not good. Still got to work on time and now we are just waiting for the electrician to come wire our building so that we have power and thus will have AC! Yay.
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