September 06, 2004


I spent the morning tromping around one of the damaged palaces here, and despite the damage you could still see the beauty that would have been had they completed it. It was an interesting contrast, between beauty and damage. Had alot of fun though:)
I watched an episode of CSI last night and something said struck me. It was an episode in which several airline passengers had killed another, believing themselves in danger. It came up that the man was suffering from an illness, that had someone just taken the time to ask, might have figured out. The point was made that while it took 5 to kill the man, it would have only taken 1 to save him. How true is this in everyday life? Oft times it only takes one person to make a difference, to effect a change.
I was being picked on earlier, because occasionally, due to a vivid imagination, I do sleep with a light on in my room. Sillyness I know, but I remarked that everyone is afraid of something, and if they are not, they are fools.
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