September 13, 2004

Really great blogs

Ok, I had these 2 really great blogs typed up this afternoon, and what do you know they are on my flash disk in my room. Yeah, the blonde is coming out again:)
Nothing of any great import happened today, I managed FINALLY to get over to Brigade and say hi to my friends Joe and He knows who he is! Hi guys:-D That was cool. Also was really cool, one of my buddies that I haven't seen since May came walking up behind me while I was waiting to have my truck checked. We had a good conversation, while it lasted, but he had to run due to missions. I used to have a MILD crush on the guy, but no more he is just a really cool person to talk too:) So that was my day and its highlights. I just finished watching "Ella Enchanted". Cute. Ok, I admit it, I LOVE kids/teen movies. It's a weakness, but you gotta admit, most of them are better then the stuff put out for adults in my "age group"
Well, off for now. Love you ALL:) (Ok I am feeling a wee goofy tonight)
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