September 12, 2004

Days Off

So I got to sleep in, nice and long this morning after having been awoken at 06 because of an attack. Always nice. Then around lunch time, I took my shower and not more than 5 minutes after getting out, I got called into work for a few minutes. Oh well, I had planned on coming into the office eventually anyway, I just came in sooner:)
My sister turns 4 today, shocking how fast they grow! I remember coming home from basic and AIT to this little tiny 2 month old baby, then a year later returning from Korea, and scaring the little one because she didn't know who I was. We quickly bonded though, and now when you ask her who her favourite sister is, she says "Lizzie, and Becca, and Rachel, and Sarah, and Gracie, and Mummy" LOL. I miss my babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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