September 11, 2004

Life since 01

3 years ago today, our lives changed immeasurably. For my bit of remembering, I am going to include the diary entry I wrote about a week after the events of 9-11.

18 September 2001
Where should I start? I think that if I eventually ever print this out I will enclose news clippings to save me the trouble and heartache about what happened to my beloved country last Tuesday. In short: We were hit and hit hard. 2 planes crashed into the World Trade Center in NYC, 1 into the Pentagon where Uncle Dean used to work and then one on it’s way to Washington crashed in PN. It is said that the passengers would not allow the terrorists to hurt the country further and sacrificed their lives in exchange for the lives of so many more whom might have been killed. The horror of it all was and still is unimaginable. So far we over here have not been harmed physically but for those of us with family and friends in NYC we were emotionally wrecked. I was a wreck for 4 days straight and I know my friend and coworker Adamo is hurting as he still has not heard from 2 of his friends who worked in the WTC. It is a very rough time for all and when it is all said and done there will be no smiles when we look back on where we were at 0900 on September 11, 2001. But as this country has always done we will survive. We have come together in our pain as no other time before and we will pick up the pieces of our shattered lives, shattered dreams and especially our shattered sense of security and we will go on.


V. said...

This 9/11 day is coming to a close back here at home and I just now found your blog. It's good to see a "female" blog after reading the guys for months, LOL. Now I'd just like to say...

THANK YOU for your dedication to our country. THANK YOU for your determination in keeping our Liberty safe for our kids and future generations. We believe in your mission and stand by you in spirit every day. You're never forgotten.

God Bless You & Let Freedom Ring,

PROUD wife of Army Vet/ASA - 66-70
mom of Sailor - Gulf 1
daughter of WW11 Vet

Rosemary said...

Dear Elizabeth,

This is the one day I claim I am speechless, and yet I seem to ramble on and on trying to get rid of the hatred and anger that is so raw inside me. I am from NY, but I live in CA. That is where the planes were headed. I cannot believe that some people could actually believe that because it happened in NY and DC, they shouldn't be concerned. I guess we are raising a bunch of selfish, uncaring people who would rather tie themselves to a tree. Now I love trees, but freedom is not free. I am so grateful that we have people like you who have chosen to take the fight to the enemy. I would go, but in 1980, I didn't pass the Navy physical. Thank you for all that you do. No matter how big or small, everything you do brings us closer to total victory. May His Peace be with you always.