November 08, 2004


Playing around today with my little deployment countdown spreadsheet (not my creation, I stole it from someone else LOL), I have been in Iraq 288 days out of my 306 days of deployment. No real purpose here, just me being, well, me:)
I spent my morning doing maintainance on an obnxious LMTV (big truck fyi) getting all nice and greased up. ICK. Then this afternoon, my team leader, another SGT, and myself lifted a 3K generator that is labeled a 6 man lift into the back of our humvee for transport to the motor pool. Once there I took a look around at all the slackers not doing anything and promptly pressed them into service:-D One of the guys, a civilian I had taunted with the remark of "care to get your pretty hands dirty", decided afterwards to threaten to wipe his hands on my shirt. I very evenly looked at him and cooly said "try it, and find out what will happen to you" Of course, this was all in good fun, no harm or foul was intended:-D
Over lunch I window shopped for winter clothing, as all I have back home are a few essentials I left out last winter, and of course my summer wardrobe picked up for R&R in July. Loads of fun. I love GAP clothing, but it is so ridiculously priced. It is fun though to get ideas for styles, and see what I can do with just a few articles. I love dressing well, and thanks to my personal stylist (aka Mummy) growing up, I think I do pretty darned good at it these days:) Hell, I even dress her up sometimes before we hit the town together. That is one thing I am looking forward to, going out at least once in awhile with Mummy. We have a ball, as most people who see us together assume that we are either best friends, or sisters (We look an awful lot alike). A few years back one guy came up to me and started hitting on me, and talking to Mum, and when he realized that the woman across from me was indeed my Mum, you should have seen the look in his eyes. For a few seconds there I think he was worried he was hitting on someone underage. ok clueless, sitting at a bar, drinking, yeah I think that I am old enough ROFL. He did get over it and we went out a few times.
Well, enough is enough, and I will talk to you all laters:)
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