November 04, 2004

Back in the Tower

So much for hoping to stay off of tower guard duty for the rest of my deployment LOL. Oh well:) Yesterday we had an increase in security due to certain events, and thus my BN was tasked to help man a tower. As I was available, I was pulled to man the first shift, which involved getting everything up into the tower and set up. As it was the middle of the day, there was no excitement, and I spent the 4 hours joking and BSing with my cohort, who also is a friend of mine. We used to pull tower guard while we were stationed out at the prison, before they brought in other forces to man the towers, and those were some of the most incredibly boring 4 hours shifts ever. However, thank goodness, they are only 4 hours shifts, vs the 8 that the guys here pull, or the 12 that the forces at AG pulled. I can stand 4 hours of constant alertness:)
The elections are now over, and my President has again taken the vote, so we can sleep at peace at nights (Or as peacefully as one can get in a country where you are very likely to get mortared at any given time LOL)
I recently received in the mail my registration check for my cars, with a note stateing that since I was deployed, I couldn't register my cars in GA. HUH???? So I made the phone call yesterday to my county, explained the situation, and discovered that I had only to include my deployment orders to get them registered, and even though it will be way late, I still only have to pay the tag fees. Sometimes it is good to do a bit of arguing:)
Today promises to be warm, and HUMID, it has been cool and rainy the last few days, and yes for those wondering, we have noticed that insurgents don't like to be in the rain any more then we do, so hopefully things will settle for a time. The mud is another story though, walking to my office is walking through a mud pit and by the time you reach the sidewalk, your boots are covered with a pound of mud! Ick. Fun Fun Fun. Home sooon is all I think these days.
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