November 02, 2004

Sad days

Whenever someone you love has to go somewhere, whether it be a close friend, or otherwise, it always is a bit sad. My best friend had to leave today, for another assignment, and I don't know when I will see him next, although I do know that I will. I'll just miss him badly. It is always one of the things that I have disliked over my entire life of moving around, is leaving friend behind, or having to watch them go. But life goes on, and I know that no matter what, thanks to the internet, he is always on the other end of the line:)
This morning is quite wet and rainy, and so I spent my morning creating a sidewalk for u s to walk over the mud with out of some bricks we have in our front yard. The person who suggested the idea had only intended for me to create little stepping stones, but I got creative and now we have our own little cobblestone sidewalk to walk on. Won't prevent all of the mud, but it might help keeping some of it off of our boots and out of our office. It is quiet here these days, just starting to prepare to return to Kuwait before we head back to the states. We have less then 50 days left in country, and there is a slight lift in unit morale. Not much, but it is there LOL.

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