November 25, 2004

Bo Derek, Thanksgiving, and Turkey (Or lack thereof)

Well, as you all may or may not know today is Thanksgiving Day, the day in which we all give thanks for various things in our lives. So here for your enjoyment, is my list of things for which I am thankful:
1. My Family. Headaches, Heartaches, Joys, and laughter, no matter what, they are always there.
2. No one in my BN has been killed or permanently injured. (The one guy we sent home was drinking beer and partying a week later LOL)
3. Good friends, the kind that you can just beat on when you need to, laugh at things only the two of you understand.
4. My Blog fans. I relish looking at my blog each morning to see what you all have said:-D
5. Funny movies. I do so love laughing. Currently I am in the middle of a Lethal Weapon Marathon with a couple of buddies. Good way to end this day, and thank goodness I have tomorrow off:-D
Last night I had the fun of having one of the other girls braid my hair into neat nice little cornrows, and this morning the Bo Derek jokes were a flying:-D
We started out this morning with a fun little formation, in which I got to look like an absolute fool in front of the entire formation as once again, the CSM had changed the run route and didn't tell me, and then he expected me to inform the formation. Ooooooooook. Then 20 minutes later at the start line he changes it AGAIN to my original route. Arrrgggggh. I was feeling a leeeetle hyper this morning, so I turned the keys to the rear vehicle over to my 1SG, and ran with everyone else. Dumb move, we ran up commo hill, and let me tell you that son of a beeeeyatch HURT. Dat's ok, I finished the run, and propped up in the Humvee and did not walk over to the field where the game was taking place. It was a good game, the enlisted trounced the officers for the 3rd year in a row, this time 22-6 (they got lucky) The rest of the day was rather slow, I went to chow with my usual cohorts, waited in line for quite a while only to get in the door and they had NO turkey. What atrocity! We had roast beef instead, though not as enjoyable wasn't all that bad. They also did NOT have pumpkin pie which was So not cool, as I really like pumpkin pie:-D
So, anyway, here it is almost 2100 (9:00PM) and we are in the middle of Lethal Weapon 1. It promises to be a lively night here in the room, and so, I leave you with this thought.
However bad it may be, it could always be worse. (I know, real original right?)
No, Really, be thankful for everything you have, and learn to be content. Contentedness is the key to happiness.
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